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Inner Forest is a multi-talented musician, DJ, and music producer hailing from Oregon. With a creative vision that effortlessly blends world music influences and cutting-edge beats, Inner Forest emerges as a trailblazer of innovative sounds infused with timeless wisdom.

Immerse yourself in his exquisite blend of diverse musical elements crafted with meticulous artistry to resonate with the depths of your soul and guide you into bliss.

Inner Forest has performed with EDM artists such as Beats Antique, Clozee, Desert Dwellers, Tipper, David Starfire, David Satori, Zoe Jakes, Ill Gates, Lafa Taylor, Nico Luminous, Ill-Esha, Trevor Kelly, Aftrlyfe, Know Lusion, The Human Experience, and Mimosa. His newest release can be found on Merkaba Music.

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DJ Inner Forest crushing a set in Oahu Hawaii